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Basketball is a wonderful active sport that keeps kids engaged and moving. There are so many benefits to playing basketball for kids of all ages. Basketball is a fun team sport that teaches kids to work together and play off each other’s skills. By learning basketball your child will gain confidence and athletic ability that playing a sport can foster. Kids who play basketball learn how to be more assertive. This is especially good for girls. In basketball you have to steal the ball from the other team. The only way to do that is to get in and grab it. Often this is a hard skill for girls to learn as many girls are not encouraged to be assertive when they are younger. Basketball season runs through the winter months, so it is a great sport for kids to remain absorbed with to stay active when it is cold outside. Often kids spend the winter locked indoors watching television and playing video games. Since basketball is an active sport it can keep kids in shape and having fun all through the winter. Playing basketball relies heavily on team skills. The kids have to work together and look for other teammates to help them out. Getting a basket will often take the entire team’s effort. Some teammates will be blocking the other team from trying to get the ball. Others will try and get close to the net and be open if a chance comes to make a shot. Whoever has the ball has to be aware of their teammates and where they are in the play. Basketball teams tend to foster deeper friendships between players because they start to develop a level of trust with each other on the court. Joining a basketball team requires kids to learn about commitments. Because teams rely on each other so much it is imperative that kids make all their practices and are ready to go on time. They learn about time management and the value of keeping promises. Team sports like basketball are most effective when there is positive reinforcement.