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Among the entire caloric burning sports roller skating acquires the third position from the top. It affects almost each and every point of your body henceforth it is one of the greatest exercises which should be included in our daily habit. The study found that roller skating is much more effective and much more calorie consuming exercise than the running or even cycling. It is a proven story that one hour of extensive running burns 330 calories of a 143 pound person, at the same time it is also proven by the study of the researcher that if someone rigorously do this activity then he or she is going to lose 590 calories of energy. For many years Presidents Council and Heart Association, considered the habit of skating as the simplest and most effective habit in the world. Currently this world renowned habit is getting awesome feedback from the teenagers as well as from the different aged people. According to a study at the University of Massachusetts, skating causes less than 50 percent of the impact shock to joint compared to running. While roller skating is an effective low-impact aerobic exercise, many athletes also point to skating as a strength exercise. It is almost as similar as jogging. So let’s hold the hand of the CCA ACADEMY and begin a run, a new start in your life