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Curricular activities complement the academic curriculum and enhance the learning process of students. Different physical activities improve academic performance by stimulating creative and social skills of a child. At CCA academy, we have a myriad of opportunities for every child to develop their own passion for activities that will enhance their talents, help them pursue their passions, thereby making them understand their true potential. At CCA Academy, we have a holistic approach to education. We value academic achievement and co-curricular activities equally. Therefore, we encourage our students to participate in various non-academic pursuits that complement their learning. For instance, our students learn responsibility by taking on leadership roles in clubs and teams, poise by performing in arts and sports events, and high personal ideals by engaging in community service and social justice projects. As a result, we cultivate personal accomplishments and interpersonal skills that prepare our students for success not just in school, but in their future careers and as important contributors to society. If you are looking for an enriching and rewarding educational experience, enroll at CCA Academy today!

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We, the family of CCA Academy earnestly believe that we are teaching young people to serve and build a healthy community and that too by not hampering their daily school time activities. When young people from various quarters come together to learn a new skill, they learn to trust and depend on each other too. In their quest for knowing something new and enjoyable, they unknowingly develop themselves, they become valued, competent resources. Their experiences transform who they are—in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. They appreciate the value of their own contribution to community and develop a lasting commitment to do their part and to do it well.

We are also located in several parts of the city and within easy communicable reach for all. Since adequate space and surrounding environment play a vital role in aiding new learning, we provide excellent secured space and surrounding for the children. CCA Academy also has its branches spread out to different schools and institutes in Kolkata and its suburbs.

The vision of CCA Academy is to be the champion, who every child may need to be winners. Since all winners are dreamers, we try to be the pathway leading to realisation of that dream. We earnestly reach out to one and all to help us in our endeavour to create a better environment.

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Mentors of CCA Academy are not only good planners of different activities, they are also innovators giving more and more unique opportunities to the child while performing and exploring dimensions of co-curricular activities. They are unbiased, willing to learn from their learners as well as give their best. Each and every mentor associated with CCA Academy acts like a director, recorder, evaluator, manager, decision maker, advisor, motivator, communicator, coordinator, so that the student and child could gain the maximum of finer aspects of Co-curricular activities.


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